Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peel and Stick Tiles : Linoleum

Peel and Stick Tiles : Linoleum

Instructions For Installing:

When you are installing peel and stick tiles ensure the subfloor plywood is the same temperature top and bottom for example the crawlspace or basement. This will make sure that the substructure does not shrink causing the tile to move. Before placing the new tiles on the floor surface make sure all boxes of tile are open and placed in the room which they will be installed for a minimum of 48-hours at room temperature.

How to Begin Site Prep Work For Linoleum?

That depends upon the nature and age of the subfloor. Always consult with your installer first. If adjacent floorboards are at different heights, sanding may be required. If they have serious flaws, a self-leveling cementitious product or a premade 1/8"-1/2" hardboard or cement board may suffice. If the concrete slab is cracked, a filler needs to be used in conjunction with an isolation membrane. If the floor is damp it needs to dried thoroughly. If mildew or mold exists they need to be removed. If the floor is squeeky or weak, structural work may be required or hardboard or cement board may suffice.

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